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Bring your project management to the next level with our easy-to-use integrations for Notion, is a bug tracker tool that extends the functionality of Notion bug tracking to enable team members deliver accurate actionable bug submissions right into your Notion Project ready for review by the testing team.

Who uses GiveFeedback is a bug tracker for anyone who builds and tests
Websites, Software & Apps

How it works L 3
Web desiger girl

Web Designers makes the testing phase of any website project a dream, your testers can now review the website project and click the GiveFeedback button anytime they need to submit a review. issues are created in your Notion project.

Project manager man

Project Managers

Reduce the testing phase of projects by streamlining the bug submission process.  All issues are presented as a clean list,  leaving you to assess and delegate to the correct team member. Manage multiple projects and it connects to Notion.

Softwate Developer man

Software Developers

Keeping track of testing complex feedback, double data entry can lead to errors, so we have integrated our Screengrab & annotation tool to help simplify and speed up the issue. All issues are now feed into my Notion projects,  

Web Desgn agency men

Design Agencies

Improve both your client’s Agency experience and your profit by streamlining the normally time-consuming part of a project, TESTING. Givefeedback improves the testing experience by enabling client submit reviews when needed.

Power up your Notion bug tracking workflow with a feedback tool

  When integrated into your Notion bug tracking design process, the bug tracker,,  saves time to market for anyone building or testing Websites, Software & Apps

Speed up Website Testing…

No more copying & pasting from emails or Word documents, empower your Clients & Testers to submit feedback. Once Givefeedback is connected with Notion, all testing issues submitted will be created as a separate Tasks in your Notion bug tracking project.

and delivers each submission in a ready-to-go list to process.  Saving you valuable time.

Markup a Screengrab

Screengrabs are automatically generated & available in Notion, using the integrated markup tool so you can communicate the issue directly to the developer visually.

Developers require Info…

From OS to browser stats, Givefeedback the Notion bug tracking App, ensures your developers have access to the right information to efficiently resolve the reported bugs.

Connect to your Notion workflow

We understand Designers and Agencies have workflows in place that’s why Givefeedback connects right into your Notion project. integtation is streamlined  tracking integrated and are are working really hard on delivering more. Feel free to send us your platform of choice.

Connect the team…to a bug tracker

Invite guests to test, and submit feedback. Guests can also view the status of submissions on the Givefeedback dashboard.

Works with All CMS Platforms

We built Givefeedback to work with all content management systems as well as PHP & .Net. Integration is a simple process of inserting a snippet in the head of your website, once connected issues are delivered right into Notion.

How It works…

With a few simple steps, you can make testing your web projects with a bug tracker is a far more efficient and enjoyable experience

Testing feedback app
(Step 1)

Create an Account

Set up a Free GiveFeedback account,
minimal info required..

016 project 1
(Step 2)

Create a Project

Create a project to enable sync with your web project. Simply give the project a name and enter the web Url.

website Testing feedback App
(Step 3)

Connect Website Project

Copy the supplied code into the project website “Head” to enable the Givefeedback Call-Up button, allowing testers click and create submissions…

website Testing feedback App
(Step 4)

Invite Testers

Easily Invite Guests to submit and review submissions, control their access via the Givefeedback dashbord.

website Testing feedback App
(Step 3)

Review Tasks

The dashboard,  enables monitoring of Projects, Submissions and Users information .

"An absolutely fantastic App that saves our company so much time in the testing phase of our projects. I can't recommend this enough. Once setup, testers carry out by reviewing a project and submitting website issues as they are discovered. Our testing is now a refined process with a clear structure for both testers and programmers, to adhere to."

– Ali Sayed

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