Transform feedback into actionable insights with empowers teams to collect, organize, and act on user feedback effortlessly. Our platform simplifies the feedback loop, integrating directly with your favorite project management tools like Notion and Asana, making it the perfect solution for designers, project managers, and developers alike.

How enhances your workflow

  When integrated into your design process, the bug tracker,,  saves time to market for anyone building or testing Websites, Software & Apps

Designers – Instantly capture design feedback…

Utilize our annotation tools to capture detailed design feedback right on your web projects. Move away from fragmented email conversations and embrace a centralized feedback system that simplifies revisions and impresses clients.

Project Managers – Streamline feedback & bug tracking enables project managers to significantly shorten the testing phase by organizing bug reports and feedback efficiently. Our streamlined, integrated dashboard facilitates rapid review and task delegation, keeping your projects on schedule.


Software Developers – Accelerate development with annotated feedback

Developers find invaluable for tracking feedback and bugs with ease. Our screenshot and annotation tool makes it straightforward to detail and resolve complex issues, enhancing the quality of software across iterations.

Design Agencies – Simplify client reviews and testing

Design agencies boost client satisfaction and streamline the testing phase with Our platform enables clients to provide feedback seamlessly, making the revision process smoother and allowing agencies to complete projects more efficiently and with superior outcomes


Unlock a suite that transforms customer feedback into exceptional products & services

  • Effortlessly collect feedback right from your site or app.
  • Get organized and actionable insights with our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Easily integrate with your go-to project management tools.
  • Boost team collaboration and make your projects run smoother than ever.


Ready to Elevate Your Feedback Management Game?

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