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Connecting Givefeedback to your project

Completing your daily tasks is a constant chore, why not start using and have all your testing feedback delivered directly into your projects.

With each submission has an annotated screengrab together with all browser and page information automatically pulled and entered into the feedback task. Giving you a more informative task to follow up on the request.


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Create your account on and select Asana from the available platforms, once connected simply select the asana project and folder you want the feedback tasks to be submitted to and your ready to go.

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Create your account and select Notion from the available platforms, when connected, select the project and folder you want the feedback tasks to be submitted.  you can then invite testers to submit their feedback.

Say hello, and tell us which platform you want us to integrate next


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" No more repetitive data entry, With all my testers can visually reference and submit tweaks direct to my project management tool ready for me to review "

– John –

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